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Rotary cup burner


Rotary cup fuel oil atomizing burnerThe rotary cup is driven at high speed (about 5000 RPM) by an electric motor via a heavy-duty belt drive. The fuel oil flows at low pressure into the conical spinning cup where it distributes uniformly on the inner surface and throws off the cup rim as a very fine oil film. A primary air fan discharges the primary air concentrically around the cup, strikes the oil film at high velocity and atomizing it into tiny droplets. The rotary cup burner finds considerable use on packaged shell type boilers. These burners have good turn down ratio and they are rather insensitive to pollutants in the fuel oil.
A rotary cup burner requires a certain viscosity to perform best. It works very well on Heavy Fuel Oil, but it doesn't give full effect on Diesel Oil.


Rotary cup burner Pegasus
Electric driven rotary cup burner, Pegasus

Rotary cup burner Ray
Steam turbine driven rotary cup burner, Ray