Frökens källa

Frökens källa


The sunday-school teacher Amelie von Braun

Frökens källa
Amelie Fredrika Dorothea von Braun, born 1811 and died 1859, commonly called the Sunday School founder because, on the pattern of English Sunday schools she founded the first Sunday school in Sweden. The sunday school used to meet in childrens home, in schools, when the wether permitted on the church hill and at a spring, after her called the "the Teacher's Spring" just north of the railroad in Karlshamn. A beautiful path leads through a small forest and then down a hill and past the spring. This is a popular walk for the locals and once every year the congregation held a service at the spring in memor of Amelie von Braun.

Amelie von Brauns tombstone

Amelie von Braun's tombstone in the graveyard of Karl Gustav's Church in Karlshamn.
The text on the stone reads:

Amelie von Brauns
Children and poor people's friend

The Sunday School Friends raised the memorial