Lars Josefsson | The FUEL OIL Calculation Program

FUEL OIL Calculation Program


Heavy fuel oils consist largely of residues from crude oils refining. These residues are blended with suitable gas oil fractions in order to achieve the viscosity required for convenient handling. Since the sulfur contained in the crude oil is concentrated in the residue material, heavy fuel oils sulfur level naturally is rather high. Furthermore, heavy fuel oils may contain large quantities of heavy metals such as nickel and vanadium and also sediments and water. For these reasons it is outmost important that the engineer easily can calculate the fuel oils appropriate operation temperature, its energy and its ignition quality.
Fuel oil calculations are important for anyone responsible for the efficient operational management of heavy fuel oil fired boilers, fired heaters and diesel oil power stations. The program is designed to help with the calculation necessary for the quantity measurement of oil products and for the efficient handling and use of marine heavy fuels. While intended principally for ships staff it should also be found useful by those ashore in ship owners’ organizations, engine and equipment manufacturer, ship builder etc.
The basic idea with The FUEL OIL Calculation Program is that anyone should be able to easily get the most important informations about their fuel oil.

If you download the latest version of the program, unzip it and run the setup-file, then you can calculate the following values for your fuel oil:

Density at 15 °C
Viscosity at 40 °C
Viscosity at 50 °C
Viscosity at 80 °C
Proportion of ash by mass
Proportion of water and sediments by mass
Proportion of sulphur by mass
Operation temperature
Density at operation temperature
Viscosity at operation temperature
Dynamic Viscosity at operation temperature
Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index
Specific energy, megajule per kilogram
Specific energy, megajule per liter
Temperature for ready pumpability
Normal m³ of air per kg of fuel for stoichiometric combustion

You may use the program freely. The key word for the program is 3.14159265
It is a number; if you use another decimal separator just change the point.