Fuel Oil Calculation Program

Heavy Fuel Oil Calculation

By Lars Josefsson

Fuel oil calculations are important for anyone responsible for the efficient operational management of heavy fuel oil fired boilers, fired heaters and diesel oil power stations. The program is designed to help with the calculations necessary for the quantity measurement of oil products and for the efficient handling and use of marine heavy fuels. While intended principally for ships staff it should also be found useful by those ashore in ship owners' organizations, engine and equipment manufacturer, ship builder etc.

The basic idea with the Fuel Oil Calculation Program is that anyone should be able to easily get the most important informations about their fuel oil. The initial values are not default settings, but recently used values. In other words, the program will remember what you did last.

Enter what you know about your fuel your oil, viscosity, density, etc.
then enter the viscosity your burner should have and immediately you will get the temperature that you should set on the fuel oil preheater. You will also get the fuel oils CCAI, Specific energy and the normal m³ of air per kg of fuel for stoichiometric combustion.

Download the Fuel Oil Calculation Program and place the files Fuels.exe and Fuels.cfg in the very same directory. This Windows program may be used free of charge.

Heavy fuel oil calculation

The source code for the Fuel oil calculation program is for sale. The code is written in Delphi 3.
Please make an offer. I am the sole owner of the program.