Danish Steamships by Lars Josefsson

Steamships from Denmark


The Steamship Skjelskør was delivered to the owner "Dampskibsselskabet Skjelskør" immediately after the trial trip and put in service on the route between the city Skjelskør and the islands Agersø and Omø. The ship is built for icebreaking and specially reinforced for operation in ice. The ship's half length from the bow is provided with intermediate ice-frames from main deck to approx. 0.5 m below the light waterline. The ice frames have the same dimension as the main frames. The keel is designed as keel-strake. On that time a very modern design that were not used on small ships until 1920.
Steamship Skjelskør Scotch Marine steam-boiler with one coal fired furnace. Marine compound steam engine with Klug's valve-gear.
Paddle steamer Hjejlen Scotch Marine steam boiler with one coal fired furnace. Twin oscillating cylinders steam engine with Stephenson's link-motion.